Find a Job that You Love & Never Work Another Day In Your Life

I have been asking my college friends to work as a content writer ‘cause I know that they have so many expenses nowadays. Two of them graduated with a degree in Journalism so I know that it will be easy for them to apply and get accepted for the job.

I told them all the benefits of working at home. I shared to them how I am able to manage now my time than before. I can focus now on taking care of my children and husband. I don’t also have to spend extra money for gas and food.

When they found out the advantages of my work, they got interested and we set a meeting in a coffee shop near our office building and I was able to discuss it further with them.

During the discussion, I also showed them the blog that I started years ago when I was still venting out my experiences in life, especially when I got pregnant with my 2nd child. They even laughed after reading the article about my pet who was undergoing a flea treatment back then. I still remember the time when I used capstar for my pets.

We stayed a couple of hours in that coffee shop. They realized that being a content writer would give them not just extra cash but also more time for their loved ones.

One of my friends got convinced because of the idea that he doesn’t have to spend overtime just to get extra money for his expenses. He said that he could just simply go home after business hours and then work at home. He believed that working at home gives him less stress.

My best friend applied also as freelance writer. She mentioned that working at home makes her more productive because it has quieter atmosphere and lesser distractions.

Personally, I prefer working at home. But we also have to consider working in the office because of the benefits you can get from your company. Being a freelance worker will not give you certain medical and dental benefits. So, aside from working as a writer for multiple sites and marketing firms, I also work as a public relations officer for a prestigious company in the country.

It might sound exhausting for others, but if you really love what you are doing, then you will never feel tired in your life.

Just like what Confucious said, “choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a single day in your life.”

What Is the Hype of a Macho Body?

If there is anyone who can go hours debating on the irrationality of the perfect body that we human desire, I bet no one can beat me. Well, that’s partly because I am myself very obsessed about that flawless diva physique although I have hit my 40s long ago, and also because the people I meet and am surrounded by are all so health/diet conscious.

These days, the fever of Paleo diet and organic food is so high that anyone who doesn’t know these terms is a Martian. Canned foods are always checked for sodium and preservative content and gluten has gone so notorious that I have to think twice before I chew down some starch in case someone might point at me with a dismissive face.

Well well, don’t you now think that I am nasty diplomat in saying that I chase a good physique and work on tight diet plan and still hate organic foods and gluten talk. I do act upon things that make sense to me, such as a good exercise plan to control the love handles that blurb out of my flanks or the ugly fat layers on the tummy. But seriously, I don’t get the point of starving for months (and drinking warm water) to dissolve fat from the body.

These stereotypes might still work for some gentlemen who idolize a macho body or ladies who dream of sexy curves. My lazy routine (apart from a strict exercise plan) only allows me to follow a miracle diet using fenugreek testosterone supplements. With this sole thing and some of my own efforts on a work-out with crunches, squats and jogging, I have survived so far without succumbing to a low self-esteem or bad body image.

Another reason why I reject organic foods and other newer trash talk is because I just can’t resist a slice of heavenly pizza or my silky mocha every once in a while. Yes, I do put my efforts in modifying my junk food list into a healthier one, I still can’t think of going all herby and leafy over a good burger or lasagna only so I can label my food ‘organic’.

Everyone should at least research and dig up the facts before flowing diet fads. These crazy things come and go, but your eating habits and physique is here to stay. Don’t compromise uselessly over your favorite foods until you are sure that the change is worth it.

The Hardest Job In the World

They say that being a mother is the hardest job in this world. And I agree with them. As a parent of two children, I have experienced so many trials and hardships of bearing a child. I knew that being a mother is hard but I think that what I experienced is harder. I got pregnant when my first child was only a toddler so I had to work double time in everything. My income was not enough to provide them a decent living. I needed to look for a part-time job so I could provide them all the things that they need.

My friend told me that I could be a part-time writer and work at home. I thought that I will not be able to do it because I also work as a public relations officer. But then I still took the chance and believed in myself. It was a life-changing moment and I never thought that it would make my life better.

Before, I needed to stay in the office and render overtime because I have to earn and give my children the best life that they could have. The best thing that a mother could ever ask is to give the best to their children and I agree with that.

Working at home is very convenient for me. I don’t have to spend money for transportation and food expenses. I can also a lot more time for my family now than before.

I am also thankful that I can use my Journalism degree in my work right now.

Aside from working, I started writing a blog years ago not just because I want to vent out my ups and downs in life, but also to inspire others. I developed this web page in order to tell others that they can surpass their problems. I know that my experience is just a small thing compare to others. But I just want to give hope to some who encountered troubles in life.

You rarely hear the impact that you have to others. But sometimes, it is good to know that people notice and they are moved by what you do.

I used my talent in order for me to earn. I also use it to express my feelings and show to the world that I am an advocate of freedom. I would like the world to know that we all have the responsibility to hone our skills, be best at them, display them, and teach them to others the best way we can.